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An interview with Kelli Van Londersele (Part 1)


I tracked Kelli Van Londersele down to an Iowa farm and posed the questions millions of Dangerous Women fans across the world want to know


Interviewer: Kelli how were you cast in Dangerous Women?

Kelli Van Londersele: My father was a danish captain and knew some folk in Hollywood when he had been cast as an extra in The Poseidon Adventure, my father was best friends with the producer, Reg Watson.


Interviewer: Were you up for the role against a lot of other actors?

Kelli Van Londersele: Yes, there was a lot of talent ,not sure if I should say but people like Jennie Garth and Mayim Bialik were there and I was in awe of the talent. They originally wanted Rita to be played by Faye Dunaway but production didn’t have the budget.


Interviewer: What was the first day on set like?

Kelli Van Londersele: Gosh. It’s hard to remember but I do remember being nervous but also very driven, I knew what I wanted to do with this role, it was so fabulous, it’s every actors dream to play a Holly Warner type character. I remember Reg Watson patted me on the backside and said “You’ll do great doll”.


Interviewer: What was it like meeting the rest of the cast

Kelli Van Londersele: Well for me it was a little awkward because I had a bigger trailer, I had top billing and my daddy knew the crew , but once we exchanged pleasantries the pecking order was quickly established and I shone as I always do.


Interviewer: Millions of fans around the world were wet for Jerry, why wasn’t Holly?

Kelli Van Londersele: Holly’s nether regions were a barren wasteland and I wanted it that way, next question please.


Interviewer: What actor was the worst to work with?

Kelli Van Londersele: That carpet munching bitch Lynn Hamilton.


Interviewer: Why?

Kelli Van Londersele: Lynn was so busy sleeping with the female staff that her acting suffered, how many times did we see Cissy in the same dress!! It was like Monica Lewinsky’s dress, it was gross.


Interviewer: What storylines did you influence Ms Van Londersele?

Kelli Van Londersele: Most, I am good at like thinking things. It was my choice to have Holly be dry , Fisher moving to Cedar Lake, Rita’s twin sister and Debbie’s horrendous perm. I loved my fringe by the way!

I did want a scene where Holly was visited by a papal mass and blessed but the budget wouldn’t allow for it.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our 12 part interview with the multi talented Kelli Van Londersele